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The Human Video Board is a revolutionary way of enhancing the spectator experience,
whether at sports events, corporate meetings, concerts, or other events of any size.

Everyone can have fun participating in amazing light shows using the smart phones they already have!

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We do everything, from show creation to on-site support, typically for more than 10,000 seats.

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We give you the tools to define venues, create shows, schedule events, and produce in real-time.

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Whatever you need, we can help you create a memorable experience for all your participants!

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Light Show Clips

West Virginia University Basketball: National Anthem - January 10, 2017

West Virginia University Basketball: Team Introductions - January 10, 2017


There really is no practical limit to how many people can participate in a Human Video Board. It can scale way beyond 100,000 seats!
There are three types of shows. Color shows use smartphone screens and can include millions of colors. Flash shows use the camera flash to create dazzling animated effects. Combination shows combine both flash and color for a truly unique display!
Yes! The darker the better. Indoor shows can be performed using either color screens or flash. Outdoor shows can be color if the venue is dark enough. Flash shows work great under any conditions!
Yes! Each phone has a different part to play in every show.
For our “traditional” shows in which every phone performs a unqiue part, the app asks participants to enter their section, row, and seat before the show(s) start. We can also create shows where participants don’t need to provide seat information. Shows of this type contain any number of unique “tracks” randomly assigned to participating phones, creating light shows in which phones combine to create amazing effects.
There are seven (7) different ways shows can be started to fit the needs of the organizer, from precise countdowns to remote control. Ask us for more information!
Minimal network access is required for smartphones to get their part of planned light shows leading up to an event, but is not required during the actual show.
Of course!